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Verified with US Phone numbers, is the best source for Nike+ and SNKRS accounts. Use our accounts with your favorite bot or manually. The more accounts you use, the better odds you have of winning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Premium Quality Account”?

Premium Quality Accounts are Nike SNKRS Accounts that have been phone verified with a Real and Unique US Phone Number and created with a never before used IP address.

What is a Verified Nike Account?

The Nike SNKRS App requires users to phone verify their Nike account with a text message in order to make purchases or to enter SNKRS draws. Phone numbers may only be linked to one account, otherwise the original account may get unverified by Nike. Nike Accounts are also reated based on the quality and location of phone registered with, this is why we only use real phone numbers directy from a US provider.

How many SNKRS accounts should I buy?

The amount you buy is completely up to you. The more accounts you use in a SNKRS draw, the higher your chances of winning. For the most popular or low stock shoes, you will need lots of accounts as there will be a lot of demand. For most hype draws, we recommend at least 200 Nike accounts.

How long do the Nike accounts last?

You can maximize the life of your accounts by doing the following:

- Only use each account in ONE region
- Always sign in to accounts with a unique and high quality proxy
- Check the accounts rarely (only once every 2-3 months)
- Do not use multiple accounts with the same IP address (proxy)
- Do not use the same account in multiple regions or with proxies from different regions

How can I get free Verified Nike Accounts?

Ocassionally we do account giveaways. Make sure to follow our twitter @snkrs__accounts, and join our discord to keep up to date with the latest news and giveaway info.

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